BIKES FOR AFRICA – Matany, Uganda 2010

BOOTLEG starts a new project that aims at bringing the bikes where they are still lacking, where more than in other places they are an instrument of life.
The first step has been taken in collaboration with FERRINO SpA and IDEA ONLUS for the St.Kizito Hospital, Matany – Uganda.

Lack of transportation hinders communication and movement in the district of Matany. In particular, the hospital staff has real difficulty in reaching the villages to take care of sick people.
For this reason it ihas been necessary to provide the St. Kizito Hospital with bicycles. In the same time there was the necessity to provide wheelchairs and tricycles to the patients of the hospital.

CINELLI GENUINE MERCHANDISE has made a donation in order to purchase 15 bicycles, 11 tricycles and 5 wheelchairs.
IDEA ONLUS  has had the role to buy, transport all the goods from Kampala to the St. Kizito Hospital and distribute them to the staff according with their needs.
The decision to purchase these goods directly from a local company (Kampala, Uganda) is due to help the local economy and in the same time make it easier to find spare parts.

The bikes are equipped with racks that can accommodate the messenger bags provided by FERRINO SpA in which the biker can carry his first aid tools. The medical staff of St.Kizito Hospital can reach otherwise inaccessible villages to visit sick people and bring them the first aid.

The delivery of the material has been done in March 2011 at the Hospital of St.Kizito Matany.

To finance the project, CINELLI GENUINE MERCHANDISE has created a limited edition T-shirt (200 pcs.) that is available exclusively on-line (