Cinelli @ Tour d’Afrique 2013

Cinelli BOOTLEG took part in the 2013 Tour d’Afrique to test the first prototypes of the Cinelli Bootleg Hobo engineered by Cinelli’s design and development team utilizing building on the experience from participation in Tour d’Afrique 2012.

HoBootleg is a totally new steel frame bicycle, engineered and equipped for off-road rides on long distances, already proving itself along the adventurous 12.000 kilometres of the 2013 Tour d’Afrique. TdA is a world renowned endurance-race, now in its 11th edition.  What better way for the hobo to announce itself to the world than with 3 distinguished Cinelli riders blazing across the African terrain.

“Hobo” refers to the homonymous culture grown in America early twentieth century, based on the voluntary adoption of an adventuring and wandering lifestyle devoted to simplicity, soul searching, honesty, and respect for man and nature.


Extreme adventures and bicycles require extreme cyclists!

The HoBootleg prototypes were given to the 3 Cinelli Ambassadors who put the bicycle through the most grueling of tests in the toughest possible conditions:

Chas Christiansen, 100% pure San Francisco and one of the top riders of the Cinelli Mash Team, an iconic figure of the fixed-gear culture, always on the highest steps of Criteriums, Alleycats and Cyclo-Cross Single-Speed races podiums.

Lucas Brunelle, native of Boston, is an established filmmaker who introduced a unique first-person filming technique in cycling races thanks to his great riding skills and the innovative helmet-integrated camera-system. Lucas is responsible for filming and reporting the most extreme race contests all over the globe for more than ten years.

The codesigner of the HoBootleg: Dario Toso couldn’t miss out, an explorer of the contemporary and long-time ambassador of the “Bootleg State of Mind”.

The Tour d’Afrique started on January 2013 the 11th from Cairo City and arrived in Cape Town on May the 11th !

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