_HoBootleg is realized using Columbus Cromor CroMolly steel-tubes: perfect for TIG welding, Cromor is a triple-butted tubeset, thicker and tougher on the edges, thinner and lighter in the central areas. Successfully tested over the 12.000 km of the Tour d’Afrique, the HoBootleg is ready for anything, from ultracycling to cyclo-touring!

_All the HoBootelg frames and forks are corrosion-proof thanks to the ‘Never-Rust’ electro-chemical process that protects both the external & internal surfaces of the tubes.

_The oversize and bi-oval shaped 38mm downtube increases the vertical stiffness of the headtube zone and the lateral strength in the the bottom bracket area.

_Comfort and safety are important! The 27.2mm seatpost is designed for an improved racing comfort and vibration dumping performance. Reflective bands on the fork and on the stays improves visibility both day and night!

_The 40mm-wide clearance on both front and rear wheel allows to mount very wide, comfortable and reliable tires!

_During adventure you must expect the unexpected! That’s why we designed all the parts and components in order to be replaceable! A non-integrated 1-1/8” headset ensures the maximum interchangeability as well as the non-integrated seat-clamp does. Never stop! Even if you get a wheel damaged! An additional-spokes holder is integrated on the right chainstay of the frame also performing as chainstay protection.

_In addition, the “Ergo Steering Stop” is a special headset-block, able to avoid the handlebar to knock on the top-tube during on-shoulder bike-transportation.

_Whilst trekking through the different city’s and country’s you need a good, strong and reliable drivetrain. So we hooked the the Hobootleg with a set of Shimano Deore derailleurs and Microshift barend shifters. These are then powered by a FSA triple chainset. Supplying you with a wide range of gears ready to battle whatever terrains lay in your path.

_When touring the world on the Hobootleg rigged up with all your luggage you need to know that you have a reliable set of brakes to bring you to a halt. We have fitted a set of traditional cantilever brakes, these supply a solid braking performance giving you the confidence in knowing you will never struggle slowing down or stopping.

_Nutrition is important and hydration even more! The triple bottle-cage predisposition will help you never feel thirsty during and after the ride!

_Slightly slope top-tube geometry: way in between a Cyclo-Cross racing geometry and a Touring set-up! The drive-feeling is very snappy and handling as well as comfortable on long-distance runs.

_The reinforced blades of the Unicrown CroMolly steel-fork ensure a total reliability even while riding with two heavy frontal travel-bags.

_The Hobo is mudguards & racks equipped! The world-famous and extra-strong Tubus racks are mounted both on the front and on the rear of the bike, able to carry 40 kg of baggage.

_All the mechanical cable-activated devices (brakes, derailleur and shifter) have a unique full-wiring cable-routing system, dust & water proof: no compromise for the performance of these important devices.

_Finally, a custom triple-density Hobo Alphabet Volée tape wrapped all around the handlebar ensures plenty of comfort and a strong grip thanks to the renowned Volée technology and the AVS-Gel additional pads!