Building on the lessons learned at Tour d’Afrique 2012 the idea was born for the new Bootleg, ideal for getting away from it all and finding adventure.
Its name is HoBootleg. It’s the bicycle that didn’t exist, designed for long, adventurous journeys. It is born today, but in its wheels it already has 24,000 km of competition, on all types of terrain. A proving ground that corresponds to two Tour d’Afrique, finished in 2012 and 2013.

This formidable experience has helped us to take the characteristics of HoBootleg in terms of strength, drivability, comfort and lightness to true extremes, even perfecting the smallest details that – when the going gets rough – are never really details!

hoboHoBootleg makes the desires come true of many cyclist-travelers already touring the roads of the world. Right from its name, it is the incarnation of the tradition of road touring, that of the American wide open spaces experienced in total freedom. And it guarantees one of the most intense man-vehicle relationships of all time, ever since the taming of the horse.

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After the huge success of HoBootleg, who already became the trusty traveler-mate for hundreds of adventurers trough paths and trails of the whole Earth, here now arises GEO. Designed for the adventure, the off-road excursion and also to face the most extreme expeditions

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Strange word with stranger etymology which embodies a founding myth of American culture. Hobo means love for adventure, wide open spaces, freedom of movement. The Hobos are fantastic characters born in the late 1800s; together with the railway invention, when the cheapest way to travel was to jump on freight trains. Vagabonds of all ages, youngsters, oldsters, children and families, always in search of fortune. To travel and live America without paying the ticket


This long adventurous journey through America, from the late1800s to the mid-1900s, rose a genuine culture: a way of life dictated by hard-times, like the lure of riches of the gold rush and the hardships of the great depression; but full of poetry! In fact, the Hobo life fascinated young and old people, artists and rebellious spirits, that become Hobo not for the need but for the desire and the spirit of adventure. These included Jack London, the brilliant “tramp of the stars” that captures the myth of the wilderness, or Jack Kerouac, father of the Beat Generation and endless mental wanderings. All illustrious champions of the most authentic Hobo spirit.


And today? The Hobo spirit is more alive than ever! We’ve found it in the soul of a traveler who rides his bike as the Hobo rode the freights. For the love of life, the open spaces and the world. In short, to realize the dream of the riders of all time, the journey without limits or boundaries. Derailed from the tracks of the ordinary, to embark on the road of adventure. With the new Hobo Bootleg, sure, an expression of freedom!