Adventure, travel, tale. The Cinelli Hobo has as a partner the prestigious brand Moleskine!

The Hobo notebook will be a trusty travel mate, to gather and narrate the new boundaries of the adventure on two wheels, as well as a guide to the bicycle’s specs and a pamphlet of symbols, conduct-codes and traveler state of mind.

The custom made notebook cover is decorated with a debossed composition of Hobo icons, the pictograms Hobos used to indicate suggestions, opportunities and warnings to each others. Inside the notebook a special card will advise you about the Hobo Biker Code of rules to follow while experiencing the adventure, together with a specific pamphlet dedicated to the history of the Hobo culture and bicycle specs. Last but not the least, a set of Hobo inspired stickers will let you play with Hobo signs to leave coded messages to the other adventurers while on your way.

Enjoy your cycling and your journaling!



All Hobo riders are invited to share images of their Hobo notebooks tagging #bootleghobo #cinelli #moleskine, so to show where their bicycles brought them and to make their inner travelogues accessible to all fellow bicycle travellers, for their inspiration.