hoboadventures#10Paola Gianotti tell us the story of her epic World Tour on Cinelli HoBootleg: 29,430 km, 144 days, 145,000 meters in altitude

“March 8, 2014. I set out on my trip around the world by bicycle attempting to set a Guinness World Record. A dream that I have had since I was young. Just me, the bike, and the world. An extreme sporting challenge but above all a social, cultural, and human experience. I had rules to follow, but I was able to choose the route most suitable to me. So I got together my team, my bag, set up my Hobo bicycle and went…

10665286_846737485351347_506103001086983903_nThe adventure started from my hometown of Ivrea, to the coast of France, Spain, and finally Lisbon, the first European finish line.10329185_773584625999967_2460067496827383806_n Next destination South America, from Buenos Aires to Lima through the immense and vast Pampa. Then I rode among the gauchos, crossed the Andes and arrived in Chile where the driest desert in the world was waiting for me: the Atacama.10256473_753371374687959_2245967389074500339_n The temperatures were so high that I had to ride during the night. There is nothing greater than riding in the desert at night under a sky full of stars. 10413293_795076140517482_6733019322190040994_nI’ve tattooed that feeling on my skin, forever. The road in the Andes Mountains became much steeper. 10552616_806089489416147_9132919888642368028_nI climbed over 145,000 meters in altitude during the entire tour, more than 1,200 meters of elevation gain per day. 10294399_760168674008229_5962585100354099021_nMiami, Florida, ready for the epic coast to coast to Los Angeles. I pedaled along the coast of Florida, through the oil wells in Texas, passing through New Orleans;10245510_766410403384056_485090872328014979_n I met Native Americans in New Mexico and then reaching the desert of Arizona. 10339775_855861067772322_8022880388609428644_nMay 16, 2014 was my proverbial D-Day, I was in Phoenix and a car smashed into me. My world tour was off. I broke the fifth cervical vertebra and I had to rehab for 3 long months. 10690139_833171010041328_7778180778822695843_nBut nothing could stop my dream, so I got on my Hobo again and I started again from the exact point where I fell down. I felt stronger and more focused on my objective. 1392036_860456307312798_1693628633095257336_nI crossed Australia before getting immersed in the Asian culture. 1385495_861467057211723_4550235667644511878_nCycling through the mosques with the prayers of the muezzin and among the Buddhist temples reminded me how fascinating it is meeting so many different people. 10307225_861284607229968_6673098054360139861_nI concluded my journey from Istanbul to Ivrea arriving at home 29,430 kilometers and 144 days later: a Guinness World Record (in registration phase) and an immense human experience. Around 215km a day of pure emotion”. Paola Gianotti10420236_862551797103249_4221757635716577124_n

Photo credits: Keep Brave




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