The Hobootlegs are Cinelli’s flagship steel adventure bike.

Since its original conception and fine tuning in two successive editions of the mythical Tour d’Afrique in 2012 and 2013 (genesis to which the bicycle’s livery pays homage), the Hobo Bootleg, has broken the Guinness World Record for crossing the world by bicycle as well as conquered all seven of the world’s highest mountain passes and dialed up more than a million kilometres in adventure riding.

The result is a tried and tested, ultra-reliable, Hoboing adventure bike like no other in the world. From the use of triple-butted Columbus tubes, to its electrophoretic paint job, to its Tubus bike ricks, to its custom ovalised Cinelli handlebar, to its bartape decorated with the sign language of early 20th century American hobos, there is no detail of this bike which has not been obsessively tuned, tested, retuned and perfected over the last 5 years to enable you to ride it, straight out of the box, as hard and far as you like without a second thought.


The Cinelli HoBootleg was conceived in the deserts of Africa and designed in the Columbus Lab with optimal performance for any terrain in mind. Columbus’ unrivaled steel has enabled the Cinelli design team to create a frame with the perfect balance between strength, weight and comfort. Additionally, thanks to a properly applied rust-treatment, the Cinelli HoBootleg frame-set has an almost unlimited fatigue resistance.



In 2012 Cinelli Team took part in Tour d’Afrique with a specially customized Bootleg Racing Rats bicycle. This was the beginning of a truly amazing adventure.
He collected a lot of feedbacks useful to design the brand new Cinelli Bootleg specifically engineered for off-road rides on long distances.

In September 2013 the new Cinelli HoBootleg was born on the lessons learned at Tour d’Afrique 2012. The first prototypes were then tested along the whole TdA 2013. The Tour d’Afrique is the longest and most exciting bicycle race in the world – 12,000 km from Cairo to Cape Town. The ultimate test of endurance and tenacity amidst some of the most beautiful environments and cultures in the world.


Sustainability is a core requirement for Cinelli. Anthropogenic pressures on the Earth have reached a scale where an urgent change of route towards sustainability is inescapable.
The choice of a stainless steel frame  with electrophoresis treatment is due to the desire to prolong the lifespan of the frame and every details has been designed in order to facilitate the maintenance of the product. We consider this as a first step towards better sustainability.

Long lasting

All the HoBootleg frames are corrosion-proof thanks to the ‘Never-Rust’ electro-chemical process that protects both the external & internal sides of frame and fork tubes. the “Ergo Steering Stop” is a special headset- block, able to avoid the handlebar to knock on the top-tube during on-shoulder bike-transportation.


During adventure you must expect the unexpected! That’s why we designed all the parts and components in order to be replaceable. A non-integrated 1-1/8” headset ensured the maximum inter changeability and adjustability in case of accident, as well as the non-integrated seat-clamp does: any eventual damage get repaired fastly and easily! An additional-spokes holder is integrated on the right chainstay of the frame.


The reinforced blades of the Unicrown CroMolly steel-fork ensure a total reliability even while using two heavy frontal travel-bags. All the mechanical cable-activated devices (brakes, derailleur and shifter) have a unique full- wiring cable- routing system, dust&water proof: no compromise for the performance of these important devices.


Cinelli ambassadors are continuously exploring the planet for testing the HoBootleg in such diverse conditions helping us to improve the next genera on products. Since the first HoBootleg prototype was made, many courageous explorers have been riding the HoBootleg to the remotest corners of the world and back.

In less than 5 years, more than 200,000 kms of road, dirt and sand have been explored by HoBootleg adventurers, a Guinness World Record has been set (Paola Gianotti, 2015), and countless, breathtaking moments witnessing the beauty of our planet have been experienced.